New Ritter 7×11/8×10 Camera

There is nothing like a new camera to get you going..and here is my new Ritter 7×11/8×10 camera, made by master camera maker Richard Ritter.

The camera arrived today (9/20/2008) and I plan to spend some time ‘cuddling’ to get a feel for the camera. The phrase cuddling a camera comes from Bruce Barlow, his way of saying setup, takedown, focus, hold the camera so that it’s functions are easy to set up when you are in the field – Thanks Bruce.

The following are some pics of the camera with the 7×11 back and the 8×10 back, along with the 375mm Caltar lens mounted (it’s a bit large).  As I use the camera I will post additional thoughts on it’s functions – right now I can say it is well made and many of the features show what happens when a camera builder is also a camera user…it is a very fuctional camera.


2 thoughts on “New Ritter 7×11/8×10 Camera”

  1. Thanks Alex, appreciate the comment. Took her out for a first spin last weekend. Can not tell you how nice it was to work with such a well thought out camera. Now to get my ‘eyes’ back on and run lots of film through her.

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