Happy Holidays

Old post from 2008, but I like the tree…and it fits the time of year.  So for Christmas 2014, enjoy and wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hope this finds everyone enjoying the holiday season.  With the economy the way it is, this is a good time to remind everyone that you can still give a special gift without spending a great deal of money.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

How?  Well I’m glad you ask (aren’t you?).  Photographers love to share what they have been working on.  If you have a photograph that someone has admired, or one you think is special why not put it into a mat and frame it.  It’s not difficult at all, you could purchase a ready made mat and frame at a local craft/hobby store.  Or if you have a mat cutter, make a special mat and frame for your special print.

Have several prints you want to share with someone, then make them a small photo album/memory book.  Pull from older photo albums and give them an updated look with what is available today.  I did this for my girls a couple of years ago, pulling from photographs that I had as well as from albums their grandmother had.  From the looks on their faces, I would say it was a very welcome gift.  It covered several generations, from my great grandfather to the girls and their brother.

My wife’s niece told her a few years ago, she wanted an original print from me.  So, each Christmas she and her husband look forward to a new print from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike.   I enjoy mounting and framing a new print, each year I try to pick the right print from the years work – yet it is fun as well.

One photographer I know, makes handmade books of his work.  This is also a great idea, I think.

So, be creative and give a part of yourself to others.  And have some fun along the way.  You could even invite family/friends over for a scrapbook party.

Edit: Forgot a wonderful gift a friend of mine made for a family member last year.  Using the transfer paper, used for T-Shirts, etc she scanned photographs from ‘then until now’.  Ironed the transfers on to material for quilts and then made a Memory Quilt.  It was (and is) a wonderful gift and another way to use those old photos and share a lifetime of memories everyday.

Now aren’t you glad you ask?

Happy Holidays (and enjoy the snow on the screen – like winter it will not last long).


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