1300 Miles of Windshield Time

1300 Miles of Windshield Time …. or 24 hours of driving in 5 days and not making a single photograph.

I recently went on a trip to Lubbock, with a couple of other guys from the Texas Church Project, to install the latest work from the project at Texas Tech University.  The morning I left there had been a nice ice storm the evening before so I left much later in the morning than I had planned.  The roads were still a bit icy when I left on Wed. morning, but after a couple of hours the highways were pretty much clear of ice.

Now, I enjoy driving and viewing the scenery and am always on the look-out for a place to stop and make photographs.  This trip however had a purpose, and the car was already loaded with prints for the show.  So, no camera this time.   There are few wind farms near Abilene, but nothing to compare to the numbers of wind turbines I saw after I turned off of I-20 near Sweetwater and head North on US-82.

The trip back on Friday, was really nice.  Left Lubbock early (read oh-dark-thirty) and watch the sun come up.  The light was just perfect that morning, but a had to get home so I could leave for Tulsa, OK early Saturday morning.

Trip to Tulsa was nice, stopped in Gainesville, TX at the Fried Pie Co & Restaurant.  From the crowd inside the food must be good, picked up 1/2 dozen fried pies (wonderful!!).  Then east on US-82 to Sherman and then north to Tulsa.  There was ice and snow everywhere (remember the ice storm I mentioned earlier).  The further North we went, the more snow we encountered.  By Atoka, OK the snow plowed from the roads was as tall as a car, and most of the ponds were still frozen.  Plus side of this, the roads were nice a clear for the most part.

Visited overnight and headed back on Sunday.  Not a single shutter tripped, not a sheet of film exposed.  Still I enjoyed the trip, though I really would not want to cover that much distance in the same amount of time.

Point of all this, you are probably wondering?  Not really any, other than the mental notes of places to return to with a camera.  That, and the pleasure of driving and enjoying the places I passed by.  Not all trips are photographic, but somehow they all remind me how much I do love driving and looking for a place to stop.  Oh, and how wonderfull the light can be sometimes.  Yeah, I do love good light.


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