Additional Update on Ritter 8×10

After posting my last impression on the Ritter 7×11/8×10, Richard contacted me asking me to send him the base of the camera for an update.  He made a modification to the base of the system that should help stabilize it on those windy days.

Now, in my book that means a lot, because it means that he is continuing to improve the camera and keeping in contact with his past customers.  I sent the base to him on a Saturday, and he had it back to me by the following Friday.  Great Service.


4 thoughts on “Additional Update on Ritter 8×10”

    1. I agree Alex, and it is one of the reason for telling others about it. Good customer service seems rare these days, Great service seems almost impossible. Richard is a cut above in my book.

    1. Blair, the part of the base with all of the holes in it, is just a bit thicker to add some stability. Have not had mine back out on a real windy day, but as you know it is a really stable camera as it is, hope to have time to really push the limits with the new modification later this summer.

      Nice work in your gallery by the way.

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