2010 Huh! Where did the year go

So last update was March 22, 2009 – been very busy and distracting year – sorry about that.  Not much to report at this time, but trying to get the Right Side of the ole brain going again and get back out and create something…will update here so we can all see how that goes.

It was  a busy year, one of those learning experience where one does not get to do what one wants, but is driven to take care of life events that can and do prohibit some of us from feeding our creative side.  Have always admired those folks that seem driven to always feed their creative side and have realized I am just not one of them.

But, not willing to give up on my art either, so watch with me and see if I can find a bit more time during the beginning of this decade to create.  I watched the new year come in that first morning as the sun rose and really enjoyed  the quite for a few moments … at a friends farm, small lake that was smooth as glass, a chill in the air, just a hint of fog and really wonderful scene – and no camera, so promised myself to fix that.

We shall see…


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