Time for New Project

View of downtown Abbott
Abbott, TX

Time for a new project.  Sometimes a project starts itself, and only after it has started do I realize it IS a project.  Other times, a seed starts to grow and a project begins.  This one is a bit of both I hope and for the first time it will contain both traditional photography and my first attempt at some serious digital photography.  It should be interesting to say the least – with process from the 19th Century and the 21 Century.

The concept of the project is small town Texas, those remarkable towns that have endured the growth and loss of population as well as the rise and fall of the economy.  These places are farming communities, there are no shopping centers, many are not large enough to have a chain grocery store.  The residents may have to drive miles just for the necessities yet they continue to live in the small towns.  Their populations range from 100-300 to over 5,000 residents.  These places will be the focus of the project – ‘Small Texas Towns from A to Z’.  I hope you can drop by from time to time and see where I have been.

Here is the first – Abbott, TX  Some guy named Willie Nelson used to sing at the old Methodist church here as a young man.


2 thoughts on “Time for New Project”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Happy to get the project going and working with the different types of photography, think they will blend very well.

      ps – enjoyed your photographs very much.

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