More Texas Small Towns – B

Bartlett, TX – Visited my Dad yesterday, and took the opportunity to scout some small towns that were on the list.  Bartlett was one of those towns.  If you drive down TX95 from near Temple you find some really classic small Texas towns.  Holland, Bartlett, Granger, Taylor (not really a small town more of a small city).  

The area around Bartlett, like many small Texas towns, is farming country.  There are fields and fields of corn and other crops around these small towns.  They were once quite prosperous, as you can see in the buildings that were built.  Today some still are, others struggle to keep the building from falling down.  

I will try to capture photos from the surrounding areas to show the farms and how they are still important to the local economy, as well as the economy of the county and state.  These towns are remind me of the town by grand parents lived in and remind me how important the people who live there are.  Good people, many who work hard from sunrise to sunset just as my grand parents did. 

Still have not taken the 7×11 camera out yet, but have enjoyed the freedom the Lumix LX3 has given me.  Here are some views from Bartlett, TX. 

Bartlett, TX


Bartlett, TX view the other direction



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