View of three building

The following 3 photographs are a story of the fate of many building in so many small towns.  One is getting a fresh coat of paint and appears to be almost ready to be put in use, one is already restored and is serving the public once again as a bank, the other sits abandoned and waits for time to decide its fate.  While it is not unusual to see these old buildings crumble or have to be torn down, it always makes me a little sad.  These were places of commerce, they were offices or stores and people lived parts of their lifes in them – there are stories that may never be told, but if the walls could talk. 

Many of the small towns cannot afford to keep these buildings, they offer nothing to the town.  Some, though, find new owners that see the possibilities and they are saved and become part of the town once again.  I hope more business will find these old buildings and place them back in service, many are certainly a joy to look at.

1st Nartional Bank,
Forgotten Building

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