December Break – Day 2

The second day out was just as much fun as the first day and I retraced my steps, but this time with my wife.  Wanted to share some of the places I had been, and wanted to show her some places I had been on previous trips.

We started the day visiting the power plant in Seguin (see day 1), and then headed East to Palmetto State Park.  The park is between Luling and Gonzales and was built with aid from the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), it takes it’s name from the dwarf palmetto palms that grow there.

Detail of a Palmetto Palm
View of the dense forest, there are several trails that you can take to see the flora and fauna of the area.

There is a nice group pavillion (built by the CCC) that can be rented by the day for larger groups, that has a nice view of the San Marcos River.

Group Pavillion

back of Group Pavillion and patio

Patio overlooking San Marcos River

There are several hiking trails, that appear to be maintained very well. There are also boat rentals for anyone that would like to explore the area in a canoe or even a paddle boat. Ther park also has a large number of birds in the park, some will even pose for you.
White Crown Night Heron

Will continue Day 2 later, with one of the Texas Painted Churches.


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