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Photographic Memory

There has been a camera involved with my life, in some way, as far back as I can remember.  Be it a holiday event, like Christmas, or a family gathering, or some other life event there has always been a camera around.

When my mother passed away a few years ago, I became the ‘keeper’ of the family photographs more or less.  Mother was great, she had made up photo albums for all of us kids that help to remember as our memory tends to fail us as we grow older.   Not only did she put these together, but each one has a hand written summary as to who, what, when and where.  Vacation photos, visit with grandparents, new car (this seems to follow a them with our family – those photos of first cars seem to pop up all the time). 

I still recall many of the cameras that were used to make the photos, Mom’s old brown Kodak, the Instamatics she and I both had, Dad’s 35mm and oh yeah, the Polaroids.  Though I think there must have been others, I just do not recall them.  Same with my grand parents, Grand-dad loved to have his picture taken with one of his new cows (or a new car – see attached photo from about 1932)

I hope that everyone continues to make photographs, and to print and place them in albums.  These are the photographic memoryof our life’s.  They help us remember, that are evidence of what our life’s were like and while they may be unimportant today, one day they will be a treasured by others.


To Begin

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Hi, I’m Mike certified ‘old fart’, Amateur Photographer and native Texan.

Ok, not that old (50 something) and a true ‘lover of photography’.  The Texan part, well it’s home and I am proud to be from Texas.

More on photography later.